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Miracles, Vision, Momentum

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Hi everyone,

Wow, what can I even say in this newsletter to capture the beauty of everything that God has been doing?

First things first, we just released Jacob Ekelman’s testimony online as the first in our series of “Dunamis Stories.” Be sure to take a minute to watch, but have the tissues handy!


Second, please welcome to the team Executive Producer Tommy Deuschle. Tommy is a pastor and media entrepreneur, Executive Director & Founder of CMEDIA Africa, and Co-founder of Emerging Ideas. He carries such a profound anointing on his life for strategically using media to release the Kingdom of God in culture. We are so blessed to have him on the team. Welcome, Tommy!



There has just been a really insane string of answers-to-prayer in the last few months. As one example, I felt the Lord leading me to move up to Northern California to partner with a specific community of filmmakers and influencers. It was a pretty huge decision, so I put my name on the waiting list at a specific apartment complex, and I asked God for 3 specific things. When I talked to the Landlord in February – even though there were 15 people ahead of me on the waiting list – she basically offered me an apartment that matched the 3 things I’d asked for, and within the exact time frame I had prayed to move. It scared me to death, but I knew it was the Lord so I decided to make the leap. The day I sent in my deposit, the Landlord told me over the phone, “Just so you know, the girl that’s moving out of your place said to tell you that you prayed her right out of that apartment.” It was the confirmation I needed. A few weeks after I arrived at my new place, there was a knock on my door. It was Jeannine, the girl who’d moved out of the unit. She said, “I had to meet the person who prayed me out of this place. I wasn’t planning to move for a few months, but the Holy Spirit told me to be up and out of here in 2 weeks.” (!!!)

Since arriving here, the doors have just continued to open. There are many more similar stories; I can’t share all of them quite yet. But suffice it to say, it is just SO MUCH FUN to watch God move.

The more I have pressed into my relationship with God in private prayer time and worship – and the more I’ve been willing to take risks and step out in faith – the more I’ve gotten the chance to witness these incredible moments. I just can’t encourage you guys enough to set aside time daily to spend in his presence. A few years ago when my pastor challenged me to spend an hour in prayer and worship every morning for 3 weeks, it was a brand new step for me, but it absolutely changed my life. In my short 36 years of life I would have to say there is absolutely nothing as thrilling, terrifying, and profoundly fulfilling as hearing him speak, watching him move, and learning how to sync your spirit to what he wants to do in the world.


Intercession Team We are in the process of putting together an international prayer team that will keep the project covered at all times. If you’re an intercessor and would be willing to receive weekly emails and make a commitment to consistently pray for the project, shoot me an email.


We also need additional funds to finish off the rest of the testimony videos. If you feel led to support us financially, you can make a tax-deductible donation here


It’s been a very long and difficult journey to get to this point, and there continue to be many challenges, but it feels amazing to see all the perseverance begin to pay off. . Love to you guys,


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