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Momentum In The Midst of Covid

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Hi Guys, We're on the verge of re-entry. Or maybe it's a brand new entry into something we haven't seen before. Either way, this pandemic has lasted longer than we all thought it would and it has unearthed the gaping importance of values and family. The world is grasping for truth about what this looks like. 

In this update we want to pass on a series of testimonies that have been happening in the midst of Covid-19 and stand with you for yours. We prayed for 3 specific things to happen during the shutdown. The first was divine connections with locals that carry our heart and vision. The second was completing a draft of the script that we could present to industry leaders. The third was a connection with Kris Vallotton. We've seen that happen. 

A few weeks ago we engaged in a conversation with Bethel Music, and have begun exploring a partnership on the feature. There are some exciting ideas being thrown around and we'll update you once we know exactly what this will look like. 

In addition to this, we've just finished another draft of the script. It has been submitted to professional writing consultants and advisors for review. We've been overwhelmed by the positive response. We’re doing one more round of adjustments, because the story will anchor everything else and is the most important thing to get right. 

Last week we had a meeting with Kris Vallotton, the founder of Moral Revolution, about the film project and vision of the film. It was incredible to hear about the battle that he and his team have been fighting for 30+ years, and how the Your Love is Strong film can take the message into a theatrical and full feature release. We will continue to partner with Moral Revolution on the extended content and leadership curriculum for pastors and leaders around the world as part of the film's additional features. 

We are close to opening up the series B round of funding and are engaging with investors starting in August. Please pray that we connect with the right investors at the right time, and preferably those who are aligned with this cause. The hunger for content is only growing and the demand for good films that represent family anchored values has a ready market. The industry leaders that we have spoken to have given us insight into how the changing film industry is adapting to social distancing, and so we're already exploring multiple options of distribution channels. We will only lock in the strategy a little more down the line once we watch what happens with Covid-19. 

Thank you for your unwavering and continued support. We just refreshed the website and it's starting to really take on the style and excellence that represent our brand and mission. Please be sure to check it out at

No matter what this time holds, we know that God is working it out for good and according to His Promise. We speak that over you too.

God Bless,


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