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A word from The Bachelorette's Mikey Planeta

Bachelorette contestant Mikey Planeta appeared on one of the most sexualized episodes in the show's history. Not only did Mike win Katie’s sex-themed date by opening up about his virginity, he managed to move her to tears with his old-fashioned ideals.

Part 1 — Harnessing the Power of Media to Launch a New Sexual Revolution

Melody shares excerpts from social anthropologist JD Unwin's seminal book, "Sex and Culture," alongside the strategy and movement behind "Your Love Is Strong." Unwin examines the data from 86 different societies and civilizations over the course of 5000 years to see if there is a relationship between sexual freedom and the flourishing of cultures. 

Crushing Porn

By the age of 25, Chris Ackerman had traveled the world as a successful model and actor, shooting campaigns for Versace, Levi’s, DKNY, Diesel Jeans and Nautica, and landing a major role in the film "Elektra" starring Jennifer Garner. Only one problem: he felt completely empty.

Worth the Wait?—Angela Blair

Winner of NBC's reality dating show, "Ready for Love," Angela Zatopek Blair shares what it was like to take a stand for celibacy on national television.

Panel Q&A

In this panel discussion, we cover some of the questions sent in by conference attendees: - Is it ok to have safe sex before marriage (condoms, birth control methods, etc. to not get pregnant)? - What does pure sexuality in dating look like? Boundaries?

The Psychology of Sexual Attachment—Randy Roberts

Pastor Randy Roberts, D.Min is the Senior Pastor at the Loma Linda University Church, and a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist. In this presentation he shares about the psychology of sexual attachment, and the stages of bonding in a relationship that lead to true health and longevity.

Trafficked for 13 years

At age 15, Margarita ran away from home with a man she thought was her boyfriend. It turned out he was a pimp.

Miracle Baby

When Chris's wife had complications with her pregnancy, the family decided to pray. Nine days of bleeding pointed to either an ectopic pregnancy or a miscarriage. Unfortunately, either scenario would be fatal for the fetus. With no medical options left, Chris decided to take Jesus at his word: "If you say the mountain, 'Move from here to there,' it will move, and nothing will be impossible for you."

Part 2 — The Explosive Power of Prayer

The phrase "thoughts and prayers" has come under criticism in recent years, with critics alleging that prayer is often offered as a substitute for effective action. Is prayer really all that powerful? What does true prayer look like? In the modern church, we can often have an inferior understanding of how the Bible really depicts prayer.

The Veil—Melody George

Melody George, director of the upcoming film "Your Love Is Strong" shares how the power to live a life of relational and sexual wholeness doesn't come from rules and religion; it comes from personal wholeness through intimacy with God.

Healing after Family Breakup

Marylin's heart was broken when her parents divorced in 1966. Here she shares her miraculous—and unusual—path to healing and forgiveness.

"Your Love Is Strong" Proof of Concept

When she finds herself tempted by the man of her dreams, a 30-year old virgin must decide if waiting for marriage is still relevant in a sexually free world.

Dan Mohler—Called to Die and be Reborn

Pastor Dan discusses God's original design for sexuality.

Healed from Bipolar & Sex Addiction

Chelsea became a full time homeless drug addict at the age of 17 after dealing with severe mental illness. Her life was radically changed when she found something in a dumpster.

The Cure for HIV

When an initial HIV screening came back positive, Jacob's life changed forever. But not in the way he expected.


We’re packaging the movie with resources that will make it all the more impactful for churches, ministries, and youth groups around the world. The DVD and companion materials will be any church’s one-stop shop for revolutionary purity education.


We’re partnering with organizations in Africa and Asia to create content specifically designed for those regions.


Sex. Historically, it’s a topic the church has struggled to address. And with sexual mores changing like never before, the way we define “sexual purity” is rapidly becoming a highly sensitive and polarizing subject. Zeroing in specifically on the subject of premarital sex, our feature documentary ventures into uncharted territory for the church. Never before have we fully explored the physical, emotional, and spiritual impact of premarital sex, and the societal outcomes for a culture that has fully embraced it. Is “waiting for marriage” simply an outdated ideal, or is it an eternal spiritual principle rooted in God’s design for humanity?


Our curriculum for church leaders and young adults isn’t just your average purity study. Working hand in hand with Moral Revolution to create revolutionary content, we’ll forever change the way the church approaches these topics.


A series of TED Talk-style videos will cover every major purity-related topic that people are currently dealing with, from "How to break a porn addiction," to "What is a soul tie?" The series will feature well-known pastors, celebrities, and influencers.

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