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This is where many purity movements of the past have failed: focusing on do’s and don’ts, rather than on Holy Spirit power. We’ve often been guilty of teaching young people to have a relationship with the law more than a relationship with the Father, the source from which all power, purity, and identity flows. Your Love Is Strong will launch a new kind of movement: one that will help people develop intimacy with the Father—the author of relationship, intimacy, pleasure, and sex. When that relationship is in place, purity is the natural response. It’s time to get our focus off of what we can and can’t do, and onto the radical, abundant, incomparably powerful life of love that is possible.


God reached into the fullness of his image in man, and brought out the woman. He made one two so that two could become one: a complete representation. There is a place of absolute covenant intimacy that is so far beyond what we’ve made sex to be. There’s a place in marital sex where you can be more aware of the presence of God than your physical experience. There’s a place that is safe, non-needy, non-driven. A place where I’m in it to honor you, not to get my needs met. It’s possible to live a life of radical sexual holiness, not from striving to follow rules, but with Holy Spirit power and a radically transformed mind.


Purity is foundational to Revival, because it affects our intimacy with the Father. It’s as if the Body of Christ is walking around with a broken leg. We’re under such attack sexually and relationally, we’re immobilized in many ways when freedom and joy are available—and we’re meant to model that freedom to the world. It’s time for the modern church to walk in the power and authority of the early church. And to do that, we need to repair walls and bind up broken hearts.


We’ll partner with ministries that are doing the hands-on work of repairing families, breaking bondage, fighting addiction, defeating shame, and spreading the truth about Godly sexuality. The movie is designed to come up under these organizations, bolstering up their causes and expanding their spheres of influence. They already have strategy and curriculum; we have a movie that will and bring attention to the issue on a scale we’ve never seen before. Joining forces will only amplify the power.


The movie is designed as a resource that every church in America can activate. The goal is to train congregations to be intentional about the culture they create in regards to sexuality. Conservative churches sometimes develop a culture of shame, while progressive churches may avoid taking a stand, afraid of making people feel judged. The DVD and complementary materials will help churches develop healthy dynamics and communication.


Studies show that turmoil in the home is one of the strongest predictors of youth violence, addiction, suicide, and a host of other problems. One of the most powerful ways we can strengthen the family unit is by empowering people to save sex for marriage. We can preventatively protect marriages and children by helping individuals avoid the damage, baggage, and soul ties that come from premature sexual unions.


We’re aiming to create a moment in church history when leaders throughout Christendom come together to focus the church’s attention on this issue, bringing the healing and restoration that will empower us to finish the Work.


Movies are a powerful way to touch peoples’ hearts. As a mass medium, they have the ability to reach a large audience, start a lot of buzz, define cultural values and galvanize cultural change.

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