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Launching A New Sexual Revolution. What Would It Take?

Recently Melody had the privilege of sharing the strategy and movement behind "Your Love Is Strong" with the Diamond Fellowship at Bethel Church in Redding, CA. We explored the findings of social anthropologist JD Unwin's seminal book, "Sex and Culture."

Unwin examines the data from 86 different societies and civilizations over the course of 5000 years to see if there is a relationship between sexual freedom and the flourishing of cultures. His findings are quite shocking. Without exception, every single culture that experienced a sexual revolution collapsed within 3 generations. As we now enter the second generation since our own sexual revolution in the 1960's, how does our trajectory compare to the cultures that went before us?


We're happy to report that because of your faithful support and prayers, we successfully completed production on our new Proof-of-Concept film. The Lord showed up in a mighty way and we’re so excited to share, in the near future, the amazing performances delivered by our cast, starting with our lead actress, Franni Cash Cain (We The Kingdom). Franni stars as Mandy, a young woman who struggles to stay true to her faith as she navigates singlehood, dating, and her walk with God.

Throughout May we've been in post-production mode working on the editing, sound design, music, color correction and more. This month, we'll begin the path with Angel Studios (The Chosen, His Only Son) to assess crowdfunding interest and determine the next steps to funding and distributing the feature film. By His grace, we’ll activate a vast crowd of supporters who are aligned with our mission to deliver a timely, sorely needed message that inspires young people in their walk with God.

If you'd like to partner with us financially to help cover post-production costs, we won't stop you. ;) Click the link below to make a tax-deductible donation.

Thanks for all your help in getting us here, and please keep us in your prayers!

Melody and Nathan

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