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We’re packaging the movie with resources that will make it all the more impactful for churches, ministries, and youth groups around the world. The DVD and companion materials will be any church’s one-stop shop for revolutionary purity education.


This powerful testimony series features stories of sexual redemption: people who’ve overcome porn addiction, escaped sexual slavery, had their marriage restored, even received miraculous healing from HIV. The Dunamis Stories will celebrate God's “incomparably great power” to set people free from every kind of bondage.


We’re partnering with organizations in Africa and Asia to create content specifically designed for those regions.


Sex. Historically, it’s a topic the church has struggled to address. And with sexual mores changing like never before, the way we define “sexual purity” is rapidly becoming a highly sensitive and polarizing subject. Zeroing in specifically on the subject of premarital sex, our feature documentary ventures into uncharted territory for the church. Never before have we fully explored the physical, emotional, and spiritual impact of premarital sex, and the societal outcomes for a culture that has fully embraced it. Is “waiting for marriage” simply an outdated ideal, or is it an eternal spiritual principle rooted in God’s design for humanity?


Our curriculum for church leaders and young adults isn’t just your average purity study. Working hand in hand with Moral Revolution to create revolutionary content, we’ll forever change the way the church approaches these topics.


A series of TED Talk-style videos will cover every major purity-related topic that people are currently dealing with, from "How to break a porn addiction," to "What is a soul tie?" The series will feature well-known pastors, celebrities, and influencers.

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