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  1. Decide which role you’re interested in. 

  2. Download the sides for that role.

  3. Record a video of yourself performing the sides. Using your phone is fine. Depending on the role, you may need to find someone to read opposite you. Make sure to state your name and the role you’re submitting for. 

  4. Upload your video to this folder. Feel free to upload your headshot, resume, or reel as well. 

  5. We’ll contact you for callbacks!

Pastor Mike (LEAD)

Download sides

Pastor Mike is a young innovative pastor of a small church in downtown LA. He really cares about his congregation and is willing to go to any lengths to help them. Prefer African American but open to other ethnicities.


Download sides

33 year old CHRIS JAMES is the singer-songwriter type. Originally from Colorado, trying to make it as a songwriter in LA. He’s a good guy with a wife and young daughter, goes to church, but he’s going through a hard time professionally and personally. Non-musicians welcome.


Download sides

27-year old Britney is the sassy roommate. She’s fun loving, vivacious, and a little boy crazy. Volunteers in the youth group at her local church in LA.


Download sides

Jerk who breaks up with his girlfriend, age 30ish.

Secretary (SPEAKING)

Download sides

Nice lady who works as the secretary at her local church, age 40 - 65.


This is a paid, non-union shoot taking place April 23 - 24, 2023 in Redding, CA. Please provide your own transportation to and from set. Last day to submit is March 30.



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